Participants enjoyed Sushi Roll-Cooking Class in Nuku’alofa

The Embassy of Japan hosted a Sushi Roll-Cooking Class on Monday, 7 August 2017, at Tanoa International Dateline Hotel. H.E Mr. Yukio Numata, Ambassador of Japan to Tonga welcomed the participants and introduced Mr. Masafuni Endo, his chef who instructed the cooking class. The participants were from all walks of life, including guest house owners, chefs, and mothers and housewives.

H.E Mr,Yukio Numata in his welcoming remarks stated that the cooking class was an initiative to continue the friendly expansion of cultural exchanges between the peoples of Japan and Tonga, through sharing of Japanese traditional food and cooking techniques. “On the 4th of December, 2013, traditional Japanese cuisines or “washoku” was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, and it has become more and more popular and loved by people from all over the world including Tonga. Unfortunately, there is no Japanese restaurant in the Kingdom and that is why the Embassy came up with this initiative of presenting the charms of Japanese cuisines,” said the Ambassador.

Mrs. ‘Anaseini Pollen, a mother and a retired teacher from Halaleva participated in the cooking class and told the Embassy that it was significant and a very interesting experience for her. It was her first time to join a sushi roll cooking class and she found sushi roll a very nutritious, affordable, healthy and very easy to make, and she can’t wait to make variety of sushi rolls and share it with her family and friends. ‘Anaseini was very much inspired by the chef’s instructions, in maintaining cleanness throughout his cooking session and other essential cooking techniques.

Participants were first familiarized with ingredients and the making of a Japanese vegetable soup called the “kenchin-jiru” before being taught of how sushi roll is made. Everyone was challenged with rolling the ingredients together with the seaweed called the “nori,” and to everyone’s delight a bowl of kenchin-jiru was served for each to enjoy with their sushi roll. Recipes of both dishes were translated into Tongan language, and were available for participants to take home.

On Tuesday, 8 August 2017, HRH Crown Princess Sinaitaka Tuku’aho enjoyed a private sushi roll cooking class for her, held also at the Tu’i Malila Restaurant of Tanoa International Dateline Hotel.

H.E Mr. Yukio Numata welcomed Her Royal Highness and appreciated her interests into Japan’s culture, more recently with her presences at the opening ceremony of “Handcrafted Form Traditions and Techniques, Exhibition ” along with HRH Crown Prince Tupouto’a ‘Uluakal, last month.

The sushi roll cooking class is one of the innovative cultural events hosted by the Embassy of Japan, to enhance knowledge of the people of Tonga into Japan’s culture, and to foster the warm and friendly relations between the people of Japan and the people of the Kingdom of Tonga.

The next free sushi roll cooking class will be exclusively for the teachers and students of ‘Ahopanilolo Technical Institute.

- Press Release