Ambassador's Greetings

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At the turning point of my one year as Ambassador of Japan to Tonga, I would like to greet everyone with these few words.

Last year in July, we witnessed the unforgettable Royal Coronation ceremony of Their Majesties King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau'u Tuku'aho and to celebrate this important occasion Their Imperial Highnesses Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako visited the Kingdom. Their Imperial Highnesses received a most heartfelt welcome from the Royal Household, the Government and the people of the Kingdom, which proves the accumulation of the fond friendship between our two countries for long years. In September, the splendid performance of Tongan rugby players in Japan’s National Rugby Team ensured their successful victories in the World Rugby Cup Union making the ties between our two people stronger through solidarity in Sports. These events combined made me very happy and satisfied that my presence coincided with these momentous incidents, which continues to strengthen the relations between Tonga and Japan.

This year our Embassy co-hosted with the Ministry of Education two important events, in March the Tonga National Soroban Competition and in April the National Japanese Speech Contest where I saw many students filled with energy making the most of their persistent efforts. It is a reflection of the long-standing cordial relations between our two people through the invaluable co-operation of Japanese volunteers for several years in the field of education among others.

Beyond that, on the 21st of April, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Wharf for Domestic Transportation was celebrated with the presence of Their Majesties, and I attended with the Honourable Prime Minister of Tonga and other distinguished guests. I had the pleasure of scooping the earth after His Majesty King Tupou VI successfully carried out the same task as we pray for the construction work’s safety and effective completion. This project is a part of the Japanese Grant Aid at a cost of 3. 32 billion Japanese Yen (equivalent to over TOP$66 million) with the objective to improve the port facilities for the safety and comfort of people in Tonga, who like us Japanese, many of their livelihoods depend on the sea. This project is a symbol of not only the friendship between Japan and Tonga but at the same time I strongly believe that this is a great opportunity for our two nations to forge an even stronger bond.

I am determined that for my second year, I will cooperate with each and every single one of you to deepen the relations of our two nations with greater warmth and interdependence through the mutual efforts in various fields by both the people of Tonga and Japan.

Tu'a 'Ofa Atu,
May 2016
Ambassador of Embassy of Japan in Tonga
Yukio Numata