Japanese anime films featured for students in Tongatapu

The Japanese Film Screening for 2016 concluded on Tuesday 29th November, with Japan’s anime film titled the “5 Centimetres Per Second,” featured to almost 100 students of Tailulu College, in Nuku‘alofa.

Two Japanese anime films feature in the 2016 Japanese Film Screening were; “5 Centimetres Per Second,” a 63 minutes animated romantic drama film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai and the “Miyori no Mori,” a 116 minutes anime film directed by Nizo Yamamoto, both are recognized leading directors in the Japanese animation world. Mr. Shinkai’s recent released film was a blockbuster hit this year, and Mr. Yamamoto is known for a number of his art directions on Studio Ghibli films.

“Miyori no Mori” was featured two times, first for pupil of Lavengamalie Primary School at Tofoa village, and again for pupils of the Government Primary School of Veitongo. Teachers and students at each film screening event conveyed their acknowledgement notes in Japanese language, and expressed interest to learn more into Japanese language and culture, through arts.

While Japanese language is taught at Tailulu College starting from Form 3, Lavengamalie Primary School and the GPS Veitongo have deepened their relationships with Japan this year. In July, four young pupils from Lavengamalie Primary School visited Japan under the project of Asia Pacific Children’s Convention in Fukuoka to promote mutual understanding between Asia Pacific regions, and the classroom which was the venue for the film screening in GPS Veitongo was built under Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects.

Japanese anime films are not available in DVD shops in the Kingdom hence the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation cooperated to host the Japanese Film Screening every year since 2010. These Japanese Film Screening events are also held to enhance knowledge of the views into live style of the people of Japan and strengthen the relations between the people and the Government of Tonga and the people and the Government of Japan.

Miyori no Mori featured at Lavengamalie Primary School, 21st October 2016.(left)

Class 1 pupils at the Film Screening for Lavengamalie Primary School. (right)

GPS Veitongo pupils, sang a Japanese song at the Film Screening on November 17th.(left)

Gift acknowledging the collaboration from schools, received by Deputy Principal of GPS Veitongo. (right)

Film Screening at Tailulu College, Tuesday 29th November 2016(left)

Japanese language student of Tailulu College, delivered her acknowledgment note in Japanese. (right)