The result of Soroban Competition in Ha’apai

The District Soroban Competition for Primary Schools in Ha’apai was held on Thursday 6 September 2018, at the Ha’apai High School Hall, in Pangai.

About 300 soroban students throughout Ha’apai competed each other in the competitions, and prices were awarded to top students in each category; Written examination, Oral examination and Flash examination for Class 3, 4 and 5.

The Embassy of Japan in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training has co-hosted the District Soroban Competitions since 2010. The top students in the written examination for class 3 and 4 will be representing Ha’apai Primary Schools in the National Soroban Competition in Nuku’alofa, around next year in March. Each year the winner of the Class 5 Written Category in the National Competition is awarded an opportunity to visit Japan and participate in a soroban summer camp, funded by the Japan International Soroban Diffusion Foundation.

The 2018 District Soroban Competition through the Kingdom of Tonga was successfully closed with the support of the Tonga Soroban Education Association, JICA Tonga Office, and Japan International Soroban Diffusion Foundation.