JMSDF “OHSUMI” completed its mission in the Kingdom of Tonga

JMSDF “OHSUMI” completed its mission

On Wednesday 16th February, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) “OHSUMI” completed its mission to deliver various relief supplies to the Kingdom of Tonga including the outer islands.

“OHSUMI” was dispatched from Japan on 24th January and arrived at the Vuna Wharf on 9th February with emergency assistances including drinking water and high pressure cleaners following the several deliveries by Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s C-130 aircraft. Together with the assistances, JMSDF prepared the warm messages on Japanese flag and 1,000 paper cranes called “SENBA-ZURU” to Tonga. “SENBA-ZURU” is a Japanese traditional way to pray for peace, safety, and recovery.

On Friday 11th and Saturday 12th February, “OHSUMI” produced additional drinking water of 150 tons from seawater to deliver to the main island, Tongatapu through NEMO’s water truck which was also provided by Japan before. In the afternoon of 12th February, “OHSUMI” left the Wharf to prepare for distribution of drinking water to the outer islands starting from Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th February.

“OHSUMI” delivered 9.6t drinking water each to ‘Eua on Monday 14th, Ha’apai on Tuesday 15th, and Vava’u on Wednesday 16th February with support of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) and their two CH-47 helicopters.

All activities of JMSDF and JGSDF were conducted in contactless manner guided by the Ministry of Heath to protect the people in Tonga from COVID-19.

“OHSUMI” helped the Government of Tonga to distribute essential water to the outer islands where people were left unattended due to the disaster by volcanic eruption & tsunami, and the lockdown by COVID-19. The delivery by CH-47 helicopter was warmly welcomed by them.

The Government of Japan is pleased to be able to support the people and Government of Tonga through the operation of OHSUMI.