Participate the Speech Contest and Get a Chance into Japanese Language Program in Osaka!

The Embassy of Japan and Ministry of Education and Training will host Japanese speech contest on Wednesday, 10th May at St. Andrew’s High School.
The contest is part of the primary screening for Japanese language program which will be held in Osaka prefecture, Japan. Selection for the program will be conducted by means of (1)an interview, (2)the written examination, (3)the review of the submitted documents, and (4)the Japanese speech. Those who do not wish to attend the program but to participate in the speech contest are also welcome.
Conditions apply for Japanese-Language Program. For more details, please kindly refer to the Program Announcement.
Submission of Documents
Deadline: 5th May, 2017
Place of submission: Embassy of Japan

(1) Documents to be submitted: Application form, self-introduction form, script of your speech in Japanese (free format) and the Tongan translation (free format).
(2) Written examination and Interview Date and Time: 8:15am, 10th May, (Wed) 2017Place: Conference room of Embassy of Japan, 3rd floor, National Reserve Bank of Tonga Building
(3) SpeechApplicants are to prepare a speech in Japanese and present it in front of the audience within the designated time limit.
- Date and Time: 12:30pm~, 10th May, (Wed) 2017
-Place: St. Andrew’s High School
- Theme: Free (Choose your own theme.)
-Time limit: 5 minutes