Japan’s Parliamentary Delegation to Visit the Kingdom of Tonga

The Japanese Parliamentary Delegation led by Mr. Toshihiro Nikai, Secretary – General of the Liberal Democratic Party, will visit Nukuꞌalofa on the 1st and 2nd of May 2017. The delegation consists of 24 members including five Parliamentarians, the Governor of Kochi Prefecture, and the Mayors of Hiraoka Town in Wakayama Prefecture and Kuroshio Town in Kochi Prefecture.

On the 2nd of May, the delegation will have an audience with His Majesty King Tupou VI. They will call upon the Prime Minister and Minister for Internal Affairs of Tonga, Hon. Samuela ꞌAkilisi Pohiva as well at the Faꞌonelua Convention Centre. Afterwards they will witness the Signing Ceremony of the Exchange of Notes and Grant Agreement for Japan’s New Grant Aid for “The Project for Installation of Wind Power Generation System”, which costs up to 2.1 billion Japanese Yen (approx. TOP 40 million).

In the afternoon, the delegation will host a lunch reception at the Tanoa International Dateline Hotel with the presence of Hon. Penisimani Fifita, Minister for Education and Training, whereby they will meet the Tonga High School ex-Students, who attended the High School Students Summit on the “World Tsunami Awareness Day,” which was held in Kuroshio Town last November. As a side event they will attend the symbolic handing over ceremony of Japanese school bags, “Randoseru,” from Kuroshio Town to Tongan Primary School students. At the luncheon, they will also meet some key figures in the Tonga Rugby Union Board and the ꞌIkale Tahi in anticipation of the upcoming Rugby World Cup in Japan in 2019.

To conclude their official visit the delegation in association with the Ministry of Tourism of Tonga will host the Unveiling Ceremony for the Mauiꞌs Stone Monument located a Kalaꞌau Village to raise Tsunami Awareness efforts in Tonga. Mr. Nikai was the primary person who pushed efforts to realize the adoption, “World Tsunami Awareness Day.”

The delegation looks forward to fostering relationship with the people and Government of the Kingdom of Tonga before departing Fuaꞌamotu Airport, on Tuesday evening.

May 1st Arrive Tonga
May 2nd Call on Hon. Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva, the Prime Minister and Minister for Internal Affairs
     Attend the Exchange of Notes Signing Ceremony for “the Project for Installation of Wind Power Generation System”
     Call on His Majesty King Tupou VI
     Attend the Symbolic Handing Over Ceremony for Japanese School Bags, “Randoseru”
     Host the Lunch Reception
     Attend the Unveiling Ceremony for the Monument of Mau’i Stone at Kala’au Village
     Depart Tonga