Result of the 2018 Soroban Competition in Vava‘u

The 2018 District Soroban Competitions for Vava’u was held on Thursday, 2 August at the Maamamo‘onia Hall of the Mailefihi Siu‘ilikutapu College, and the Government Primary School of Neiafu was awarded the best overall school this year.

21 Primary schools in Vava’u brought about 300 soroban students to compete each other in three judging categories; the written examination, oral examination, and flash examination.

Prices were awarded to top student in each category and the top students in the written examination for class 3 and 4 will be representing Vava’u Primary Schools in the National Soroban Competition in Nuku’alofa, next year in March. The class 3 written examination was won by Carter Tatafu of Neiafu GPS, Siueti Longani of Neiafu GPS won the class 4 and Toakase Hu’ahulu of Liviela GPS won the class 5 written examination.

The next district competition will be for Tongatapu Central, Western and Eastern Districts on the 14, 16 and 23 of August before the competition for Ha’apai school in September. The District Soroban Competitions receives also a great support from the Tonga Soroban Education Association, JICA Tonga Office, and Japan International Soroban Diffusion Foundation.