GPS Fotua won Ha’apai District Soroban Competition

The District Soroban Competition for Primary Schools in Ha‘apai island was held on Thursday, 20 June 2019, at the Ha’apai High School Hall and the best overall school was awarded to the Government Primary School of Fotua.

Over a hundred soroban students competed each other in the written examination, oral examination and flash examination category. The Government Primary School of Fotua top the overall competition while the Government Primary School of Faleloa came second, and the Government Primary School of Pangai came third.

Prizes were awarded for each category of classes 3, 4 and 5. The top students in the class 3 and 4 written category will be the representatives for Ha’apai Primary Schools in the National Soroban Competition which will be held next March in Tongatapu.

The District and National Soroban Competition for primary student in Tonga have been a successful collaboration of The Embassy of Japan and Tonga’s Ministry of Education and Training, since 2010. Each year the winner of the Class 5 written category in the National Competition becomes Tonga’s nominee to the soroban summer camp in Japan, funded by the Japan International Soroban Diffusion Foundation.

The Soroban Competition for Ha’apai Island kicks off the District Soroban Competition for 2019.

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