Important Information before Arrival in Japan

Japan's border is still mostly closed to visitors from overseas (including Tonga) until further notice and most of visa applications are not being accepted at the moment. 
Please refer to the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Japan for more details. (1)
Those who intend to enter Japan (including Japanese nationals) are required to follow boarder control measures against COVID-19
1. Pre-departure COVID-19 test
 Currently, all those who enter, re-enter or return to Japan (including Japanese nationals) are requested to submit a certificate of negative test result of pre-entry COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours prior to departing from the country/region(including Tonga) where travelers stay when entering Japan. Please use following formats.
 From March 19, all travelers including Japanese nationals who do not submit a certificate of negative test result will be denied entry into Japan in accordance with the Quarantine Act. Airline companies will reject boarding those without one.
(1)For details of the test result format required for the pre-departure inspection certificate, please refer to : (2)
(2) For pre-departure testing in Tonga, you should contact with the Vaiola Hospital. At that time, please inform them that you need a certificate according to the format described in (1) above. You will need to explain that a certificate is required in the prescribed format.
※Only test certificates which show the result of the test using valid samples and testing methods are valid. Please see requirement for Certificate of Testing for Entering Japan as below,
2. Submission of Online Questionnaire
Contact information such as email address and phone number will be confirmed at the time of quarantine for health follow-up during the first 14 days after entry. Please refer to the following link,

Please answer from the above link and create a QR code and take a screenshot or print the QR code.
You are required to show it at the check-in counter at the airport in Tonga and the quarantine in Japan

3. Carrying a smartphone and installing necessary applications
In order to carry out the pledges in the written pledge, you need to have a smartphone that can use the necessary applications (e.g., showing location information). If you do not own a smartphone or if you own a smartphone that does not allow the installation of necessary apps, please rent a smartphone at the airport at your expense upon arriving in Japan.
please refer to the following links
Summary :
Detail :     (5)
4. Quarantined in the accommodation of the government, Submission of a written pledge
Depending on the countries and regions in which you stayed, you will be required to stay in the accommodation of the government, and be tested. You will be asked to pledge not to use public transportation for 14 days, to stay at home or in accommodation, to save and present your location information, and to install a contact confirmation application etc. If you violate the pledge, in addition to being subject to suspension measures based on the Quarantine Law, you ma y be subject to the following (1)if you are Japanese, your name and information that may contribute to the prevention of the spread of infection may be publicized. (2)if you are a resident status holder, your name, nationality, and information that may contribute to the prevention of the spread of infection may be publicized. You may also be subject to revocation of your status of residence and deportation proceedings. For more information, please refer to the following link,