Japan commits US$ 1 Million Emergency Assistance to Tonga through International Agencies

  1. January 19th 2022, the Government of Japan announced an Emergency Grant Assistance of US$ 1 Million to Tonga through International Agencies for the recent disaster of the Hunga-Tonga Hunga Ha'apai volcano erupting.
  2. Apart from this Grant, Japan will provide necessary things based on Tonga’s requests, such as water, water jelly cans, high pressure water cleaners, tool kits and so on. To deliver those necessities to the many small islands of Tonga, the Government of Japan is dispatching its self-defense force for efficient and swift provisions.
  3. Today, Japan’s Ambassador to Tonga met with Tonga’s Prime Minister to inform him and pledge Japan’s support to the people and Government of Tonga.                             H.E. Mr. MUNENAGA Kensaku conveyed to Hon. Hu'akavameliku his heartfelt messages stating that,“A friend in need is a friend indeed. Japan is always on your side, based on the mutual friendship of our people and the special relation between Tonga’s Royal Family and Japan’s Imperial Family.”
  4. Tonga’s Prime Minister expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation for Japan’s assistance, and fully agreed with the prompt dispatchment of Japan’s self-defense force to Tonga. This devastating disaster is an unprecedented misfortune. However, many supports and assistances immediately expressed by many countries proved the well blessed position of Tonga in the International Community.
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