Ambassador MUNENAGA visits Ono city in Japan

Ambassador MUNENAGA visits Ono city in Japan
Soroban donation from Ono city
On 20 March, Ambassador Munenaga visited Ono City in Japan, and paid a courtesy call on the Mayor Horai.

Ono City is the home of the Banshu Soroban (abacus) and has been donating used sorobans to Tonga for many years. In March 2023, the city donated approximately 1,000 sorobans through JICA, bringing the cumulative total to over 10,000.

Ambassador Munenaga expressed his gratitude for the donation from Ono City, which supports soroban education in Tonga, and the Mayor Horai added: "There are more than 100 countries in the world that implement soroban education, but I hear that no other country does it as Tonga does passionately and nation widely. We would like to continue to cooperate."