Japan’s GGP Handover of the Upgraded Water Supply for Puke Village

 H.E Mr. INAGAKI Hisao, Ambassador Designate of Japan to Tonga handed over the upgraded water supply system for Puke village funded through Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grass Roots Human Security Project (GGP) on Tuesday, 20 February 2024.  

The handover ceremony was attended by Lady Fohe, Mr Toetu’u Tavake Town Officer of Puke, Representative from the Aid Division of the Ministry of Finance, the water committee, and the people of Puke village.

His Excellency, Mr. INAGAKI congratulated the completion of the Project and highlighted the significance to access to clean water supply. “A stable supply of clean water is a basic human needs,” he said. “I believe that access to clean water is essential for a healthy life and good hygiene. I hope the community of Puke can make good use of the new system to improve their standard of living.”

The Puke water committee sought for Japan’s GGP assistance prioritizing an adequate water supply to an increase population. The assistance replaced a 1.2km main water pipes, installed an additional electric water pump, and constructed a fence to protect the pumping house of the water supply system. Japan’s GGP is expected to benefit over hundred household of Puke.

Mr. Toetu‘u Tavake, Town Officer of Puke in his vote of thanks, thanked Japan for ensuring the access to a reliable, sustainable and safe supply of water for the people living in Puke village.

The village’s water system received their first GGP assistance in 2006.