Japan’s GGP Handover of a New Classroom Building for Free Wesleyan Primary School, Nuku‘alofa

The Embassy of Japan and the Free Wesleyan Primary School, Nuku‘alofa  celebrated the completion of a new classroom building, funded through Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grass Roots Human Security Project (GGP) on Friday, 10 May 2024.

His Excellency Mr. INAGAKI Hisao, Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of Tonga handed over the new building during a ceremony, attended by Rev. Dr. Tevita Hala Falefau, Director of Education of the Free Wesleyan Schools, Rev. Pohahau Palu, Lead Reverend Kolofo‘ou FWC, Mrs. ‘Asopesio Lakalaka, Chief Economist Ministry of Finance, Mr. Viliami Maumau Principal of Maamaloa Akoteu, Members of the PTA, Teachers and students of the school.

In his keynote address His Excellency INAGAKI, reiterated the significance to provide a certain educational environment for students equally. “I greatly appreciate the efforts and dedication of the Parents and Teachers Association to complete this project. I hope that our GGP, including today’s project, will continue to play an important role in building strong and more resilient societies in this Kingdom,” he said.

He applauded the dedication and collaboration from all stakeholders in the successful completion of the new classroom building and challenged the same level of commitment towards maintaining it to benefit the future generations.
Rev. Dr. Tevita Palefau conveyed the appreciation of the FWC Education System for Japan’s continuous assistance towards education in the Kingdom. He said the new classroom building will aid in improving quality of learning for students.

The new classroom is constructed at the western side of the Free Wesleyan Primary School, also known as the Maamaloa Akoteu, Nuku‘alofa.