Japanese School Bags, “Randoseru” donated to Government Primary School of Fua’amotu by the people of Kuroshio town

H.E Mr. Tetsuya Ishii, Ambassador of Japan to Tonga attended the handover ceremony of Japanese School Bags, the “Randoseru” to students of the Government Primary School of Fua’amotu on 18th September 2018. The 50 School Bags were donated by the people of Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture, Japan.
Hon. Penisimani Fifita, Minister for Education and Training of Tonga and representatives from Kuroshio Town, Ms. Yumi Nishimura and Mr. Tomoharu Nakano also attended the event.
A message from the Mayor of Kuroshio Town was read by Ms. Nishimura which stated that they hope the donation of randoseru continues to foster deeper relations between peoples of Japan and Tonga.
Hon. Fifita acknowledged the donation and assured that the students of Fua’amotu will cherish these gifts of randoseru.
GPS Fua’amotu is the second school to receive the randoseru from Kuroshio Town, following the first handover last year, received by the students of the GPS Mu’a.