Japan GGP Official Commissioning of Water Supply System for Niuatoputapu

Commissioning of the Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Project on June 22th, 2016

On Wednesday, 22 June 2016, the Government of Japan and the people of Niuatoputapu celebrated the commissioning of the Upgraded Water Supply System for the all three villages of Hihifo, Vaipoa and Falehau of Niuatoputapu , funded through the Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects, GGP,

His Excellency Mr. Yukio Numata, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Kingdom of Tonga, along with Hon. Fe’aomoeata Vakata, Minister for Internal Affairs and the People’s Representatives for the Niua Islands, attended the commissioning ceremony held in Hihifo village, and was greeted with great enthusiasm by the people of the three villages. His Excellency, after the ceremony in Hihifo also visited the other two villages, Vaipoa and Falehau, to inspect and to celebrate the handing over of the projects in each village.

His Excellency Mr. Numata congratulated the completion of the Project and reiterated in his keynote address that Japan’s GGP Projects are implemented to have the maximum effects in solving various challenges local communities face. Noting that it has been 15 years since the last GGP Project was conducted on the island, the Ambassador stated that “ I am happy that the Japanese Embassy was able to assist the people of this beautiful island once again by providing clean and safe water, a vital element for human life,” .

Hon. Fe’aomoeata Vakata, on behalf of the people of Niuatoputapu thanked the people and Government of Japan for the generous assistance. “Thank you for the kind support and the valuable assistance in building all of the water supply system for all of Niuatoputapu.” said Hon. Vakata. These projects of upgrading the water supply systems in Niuatoputapu were first sought for in 2013 by the Village Water Committees of Hihifo, Vaipoa and Falehau in order to reconstruct their communities gravely damaged by the Tsunami caused by the 2009 Samoa Earthquake. With four years of dedicated work, the projects were finally completed.

Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects introduced in 1989, with the completion of these three projects, have now implemented 10 projects in Niuatoputapu since the first project on the island in 1999. Japans assistance epitomize commitment to support efforts by the People and the Government of Tonga to ensure Human Security, and also hope to strengthen the warm and close relations between the people and the Government of Japan and the people of the Kingdom of Tonga.

  • H.E Mr. Yukio Numata with Hon. Fe’aomoeata Vakata, Dr. Sonasi Hu’ahulu and the people of Hihifo village in Niuatoputapu at the commissioning ceremony of their Upgrade Water Supply System

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